A choice of glazing options to meet your requirements

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At Roof Maker we manufacture all our rooflights using our own Reflex® Insulated Glazing Units. This is a specialist UV and IR blocking glass with super insulating properties to reduce heat loss from your house, every unit is branded in the corner with the Reflex® glass logo to insure 100% genuine product, and all of our glass is manufactured to BS EN12150 standards.

Thorough quality standards throughout the manufacturing process

We make our glass units in house (other manufacturers buy in theirs) so we have total control of our product quality and can design more features into our glass. Our popular flat rooflights products feature a Tri-seal system that seals the glass three times:

  1. Continuous Acrylic Primary Adhesive seal – only one jointed corner
  2. Bostik P5125 Hotmelt Secondary Super Vapour Seal
  3. Two-part Dow Corning structural adhesive glass to aluminium – extremely stable between temperatures of  -50°C and – 100°C


Glass has come a long way since double glazed units were first introduced. Choose a Roof Maker product and you can pick from four distinct Reflex® glass options, which may be selected individually or combined for even better performance. All of our glass units have a low-maintenance, easy clean coating as standard, and filter up to 99% of harmful rays to prevent bleaching of your fabrics and furnishings.

Designed with customers in mind

Our customers tell us that they have four main priorities when it comes to choosing new roof lights:

  • Energy saving
  • Temperature control
  • Noise pollution
  • Security

Energy Saving

All our glass offers exceptional thermal insulation, to prevent heat escaping during the colder weather and keep your heating bills down. The effectiveness of a product’s thermal insulation is indicated by its Ug-value. The lower the Ug-value, the better the insulation.


A lower Ug-value can be achieved by increasing the number of panes of glass. For example, triple glazing has a lower Ug-value than double glazing. As a guide, a standard double-glazed window typically has a Ug-value of 2.8 W/m².

Energy is the name given to our standard glass.


Glazing comprises two or three panes of 4mm or 6mm toughened safety glass. Each pane is separated by a argon/krypton filled cavity and a foam spacer. This structure is designed to provide exceptional insulation, reducing heat loss from your property and keeping your heating bills down.


The glass offers outstanding Ug-values, which can be as low as 0.5 W/m²K, depending on your chosen product. Energy is ideal if your property is north or east-facing, as it will give you maximal light and heat during the morning.

Temperature Control

In winter, you need your room to retain heat and stay warm. During summer, direct heat from the sun’s rays can make your room uncomfortably hot. This is known as solar gain. A product’s ability to minimise solar gain is measured by its G-value. The lower the G-value (usually expressed as percentage), the less heat gets through.

Solar Performance has all the great features of our standard glass, plus a solar reflective coating to repel heat from the sun. Like our standard glass, Solar Performance has low Ug-values to keep heat in. It also has low G-values to minimise solar gain. In short, this means the glass will keep your room cooler in summer. Depending on product, we can achieve G-values as low as 23%.


Solar Performance is recommended if your property is south or west-facing and catches heat from the sun during the hottest parts of the day. Glare from the sun can be reduced by installing a blackout fabric blind.

Noise Pollution

If you live in a noisy area, such as next to a busy road, noise pollution can really affect your quality of life. While opting for triple, rather than double, glazing can reduce outside noise, additional measures – such as lamination, thicker panes or wider cavities — can reduce it even further.

Acoustic Performance offers all the benefits of our standard glass, plus more effective insulation against outside noise caused by traffic, neighbours and other factors. The improved noise reduction is achieved by using laminated panes.


Acoustic Performance is most effective when used in triple-glazed products.


Home security is a widespread concern these days. All our glazing features toughened glass as standard. This can be made even more secure by using laminated toughened glass.


Unlike standard glass, laminated glass does not shatter on impact. We use a plastic interlayer to keep the sheet in one piece.

Our Security Performance range uses our standard glazing composition with laminated glass. This makes it much more difficult for an intruder to break through. The glass is primed with a plastic interlayer, which stops it from shattering and keeps it in one piece.

Create your own combination

What if your property has glare from the sun AND you have a neighbour with a noisy lawnmower?


What if you want to achieve Passive House AND improve your rooflight security?


By combining several glass features you could develop a product that solves multiple problems simultaneously. Our advisors are on hand to offer you expert advice and help you create your perfect product, so give them a call today.