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Ever imagined being able to create one of those breath-taking rooms with ceilings made of glass?

With a Roof Maker Modular Rooflight, you now can.

In search of unique

Light and space are crucial elements of any home or living area. Sometimes the way you are constrained by building regulations or space to extend, means the concept of being able to install a ‘glass ceiling’ not only solves a big problem, but also creates a beautiful feature.

With a Roof Maker Modular Rooflight, we can combine multiple fixed flat roof windows into a single, integrated design. And because we use our unique triple glazed Reflex glass, you’ll still benefit from our incredibly low Ug-values.

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Modular rooflight

What is a modular rooflight system?

The modular system allows you to create a larger design by joining glass panels together in a line. Each one is added using a minimal steel support, which strengthens the structure without compromising the flow of light.

Modular rooflights can be combined in many different configurations, creating distinctive hand-crafted solutions for buildings old and new.

Why should you consider modular?

Modulars are perfect if you are challenged with an unusual space, constrained by building regulations or perhaps just want to create something really different or unusual – the flexibility of the system lends itself to solving many design and build issues.

Clean lines make modular windows suitable for residential and commercial properties, both old and new. By using supporting splits you can create roof windows up to 10 metres long, and 2 metres wide.

Long modular rooflight

Creating the look you want

Using our modular system means you can cover a large roof area – far larger than with standard rooflights. Modular rooflights sit flat to your roof and are barely visible at ground level.

They let in a huge amount of light without needing height as many other rooflight designs do. In addition, this can help with buildings regulation approvals where there are restrictions on height or structure.

As featured on Inside Out Homes

“We didn’t want a standard extension, we wanted something unique, we wanted something different, and that’s where Roof Maker came in.”

Hear from 2 of our happy customers, who used our modular rooflights to create a truly unique extension.

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